Gavin is an artist and cultural geographer.

Originally from the small town of Cambrai in the rain shadow of the Adelaide Hills (Mount Lofty Ranges), he has lived in Adelaide, South Australia, nearly all his life.

He started his working career in the public sector and since leaving in 1990 has maintained an arts practice primarily concerned with the dynamics of ecological and cultural ‘sustainability’ and the construct of the cultural landscape.

As consumption demands now overwhelming exceed ecological capacity, and show no signs of decreasing, ‘sustainability’ is not achievable. An alternative approach is frugality, a structure of living and cultural practice that demands less, consumes less, and avoids waste and extravagance.

His recent artworks explore connections to the indigenous nature of place, particularly through the use of indigenous materials.

In recent years he has been more involved in cultural geography research and writing, particularly bi-cultural, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.  In 2012 with Karl Telfer he co-founded CRED: Cultural Research Education Design, to facilitate and promote bi-cultural research and bi-cultural place making based on sound cultural knowledge. For more information see CRED Website.

In February 2015 he acquired 16 ha of land near McLaren Vale, South Australia, for an ecological and cultural regeneration project. For the moment the project is simply called Lot 50 until another name evolves. Because of the significant commitment of time and resources required he is undertaking little public or exhibition work in 2015, although he is developing cultural markers for Lot 50. For more information see Lot 50, Pethick Road, McLaren Vale Website