Public Space Works – Environmental

Warriparinga Wetlands Weir

Design of an environmentally sensitive water diversion from the Sturt River Warriparri into the wetlands using a River Red Gum tree trunk as a weir and poured earth for riverbank stabilisation, Warriparinga. All works fully engineered, an alternative to a concrete weir and rock gabions. Patawalonga Catchment Water Management Board (with Margaret Worth, 1998)

Warriparinga Wetlands Weir Malone 1998Warriparinga Weir 1998, Sturt River-Warriparri

Waikerie Interpretive Park, Waikerie, South Australia

Concept proposals utilising landform and artworks to address regional ecological and cultural issues. District Council of Loxton Waikerie (for and with Worth Consulting, Cielens and Partners,1997)

WIP Salt MaloneSalt Load Waikerie Interpretive Park

WIP People & Pumps MalonePeople and Pumps Waikerie Interpretive Park

Dendro Theatre for the City of Adelaide Parklands

A Dendro Theatre is an outdoor public performance and meeting space that is formed by the land’s topography and living plant material. In essence a Dendro Theatre is an afforested amphitheatre where the plantings and landform are designed to provide the necessary infrastructure of a theatre but with the natural features and ambience of a park setting.
A concept proposal was submitted to the Adelaide City Council in May 1994. Meetings were held but the proposal did not proceed.
There continues to be in Adelaide, as elsewhere, a considerable economic and ecological cost to set up the infrastructure for outdoor concerts and events. A Dendro Theatre would reduce these costs considerably as well as providing enhanced amenity.

Dendro Theatre Concept 1994, Malone (PDF 36.9 MG)

Dendro Theatre Plans 1994, Malone (PDF 3.25 MG)

Dendro Theatre Concept-About 1994, On Edge, Malone (PDF 470 KB)