Gallery Works – Sculpture & Paintings

In recent years Gavin has minimised his exhibition practice to focus on his cultural geography and design work with CRED.

Tjrin Tjrins The Messengers Malone & Telfer 2013

Tjrin Tjrins – The Messengers 2013 (with Karl Winda Telfer) (Stainless steel, feathers, natural twines, sand)

Stone Soup-Sopa de Piedra Malone 2010

Sopa de Piedra – Stone Soup 2010 Museo Municipal Ramon Aller, Lalin, Spain (Spanish timbers, potatoes, raw wool, stones)

Growing Up: Mallee Mick/Cambrai Catholic 2008 (River Red Gum, Yakka stalk , Purple-wood Wattle, Native pine seed pods, limestone, cockatoo feathers)

Aspects of Landscape 1992-2008

Aspects of Landscape Malone 2008 detail

Aspects of Landscape – detail 2008 (Sawdust, crushed stone, earth pigments)

Cambrai Country 2008 (Sawdust, crushed stone, earth pigments)

Singed 2008 (River Red Gum, River Red Gum burl, perspex)

 Angel 2008 (Sheep skin, River Red Gum, perspex)

 Subjugation 2007 (Stringy Bark, River Red Gum, perspex, banknotes)

Tellurian Spirit 2007 (SA Blue Gum, River Red Gum, Yakka)


It’s the Ecology Stupid 2006 (River Red Gum, salt, banknotes)

Why Me

Chthonic Spirit 2005 (River Red Gum, Yakka)

Why Me? 2005 (SA Blue Gum, Yakka stalk, White Ochre)

Which Voice Malone 2004

Which Voice 2004 (River Red Gum, banknotes, salt)

Ecological Self-Portrait Malone 2003

Ecological Self Portrait 2003 (River Red Gum, Wedge Tail Eagle feathers, River Red Gum seed pods, Australian 1952 pennies, charcoal, salt, water, gold wedding ring)

Materials Malone 1995

Manufacturing of Culture-Dysfunctional Self Image 1995 (Cotton canvas, oil paints, paint tins, paint brushes)
From the exhibitions Materials

Materials 2 Malone 1995

Manufacturing of Culture – Materials  1995 (Paint tins)

Materials-Ferro Ferric Cyanide (blue) Poles Malone 1995

Manufacturing of Culture-Ferro Ferric Cyanide (blue) Poles 1995 (Cotton canvas, paint tin lids, paint brushes

Cicciolina and the Swan Named Saddam 1993

Boundaries 1994 (Recycled paper, glass) Cicciolina and the Swan Named Saddam 1993 (Cast bronze, recycled paper, feathers)

Vasectomy, An Ecological Necessity 1992